January 25, 2017

My 17-year old son and friends arranged a spontaneous BBQ recently, pooling all their spare change, and heading to the supermarket to buy the cheapest meat they could find.

I was entrusted with marinading their purchase - scrawny chicken wings that were so poorly pluc...

January 18, 2017

When next you prepare a buffet meal - especially if your menu includes essential salads - stand back from the serving table and make sure you've included enough red in your selection.

It's a known fact that red stimulates the appetite and attracts attention - the lang...

January 11, 2017

We're currently enjoying a honeymoon weather-wise with brilliant, blue skies and welcome sunshine.

Come nightfall, however, the cold sets in, and winter comfort food is the order of the day.

Enter the simplest and undoubtedly most delicious beef 'n vegetable casserol...

January 4, 2017

Let's be honest, in unseasonably icy weather like this, you can never have enough winning soup recipes.

A hearty vegetable soup is always a hit, but who has the time and inclination to stand in a cold kitchen chopping vegetables, especially when there are alternative...

January 4, 2017

We all need a few 'Fake It' dishes in our recipe arsenal.

'Fake It' dishes look and taste as if you've slaved over them for hours when, in reality, they were assembled in mere minutes.

(Don't admit this to guests and blow your cover.)

This decadent Ferrero Rocher Ch...

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