July 3, 2019

Maximum impact with minimal effort.

That's what time-worn cooks aspire to always but especially in the sweltering, summer months.

It's with the rising temperature gauge in mind - not to mention rising tempers - that I chose now to share this new favorite Green Bean &...

September 6, 2018

Some months back I was browsing in an out-of-the-way garden center not very far from the Green Line.

I took it for granted that I'd never see anyone I'd know here but I thought wrong.

"You're Lisa from Meatland...I get your newsletters," remarked a stranger as he bal...

June 27, 2018

School's almost out but there's just time to squeeze in a quick history lesson.

Salisbury Steak - a favorite American recipe for generations - has been popularly served in the United States since the Civil War.

Named after army physician James Salisbury, who bel...

June 13, 2018

Mushrooms are such obliging little vegetables.

Eager to fit in, they happily take on any flavoring you like, and deliver both creaminess and a meaty bite, with virtually no calories.

I throw a couple of little baskets into my shopping cart at the start of every week, kno...

April 25, 2018

Until recently announcing you didn't eat meat was met with the same level of suspicion usually reserved exclusively for Jehovah's Witnesses and members of the Flat Earth Society.

That's all changed now. Plant-based cooking has gone mainstream and even committed carnivor...

May 10, 2017

Every week I agonize over which recipe to feature in this newsletter, and to always deliver more of what you're looking for.

Convinced that readers are only interested in meat, chicken and parve salad 'n dessert, I've reluctantly kept my favorite dairy dishes to mysel...

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