March 13, 2019

37 days to Pesach.

I thought THAT would get your attention!

While 'panic' seems to be everyone's mode of choice, guaranteeing a stress-free Pesach all comes down to planning, plus employing a little expert help.

Count on Meatland to be your expert Pesach partner.


April 3, 2018

Leave your preconceptions at the kitchen door.

A cheesy, cauliflower-based pizza may sound like something served only by hippies and eat-your-greens first time mothers, but the result is surprisingly delicious, as low-carb eaters the world over will attest. 

Naturally gl...

March 27, 2018

Pesach without compromise.

That's my motto when planning meals for the Seder and beyond.

While it's all too easy to throw hands in the air, and accept Pesach dishes that aste of Pesach, it's perfectly possible to produce food so good, that you'd choose to serve it the wh...

March 15, 2017

No sooner have the hamanstaschen crumbs been swept off the kitchen floor, and the last remnants of glitter painstakingly picked out of every crevice, that everyone is automatically in Pesach mode.

It's with this impending sense of urgency that I am launching my 'Perfe...

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