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Three Seed Cookies

Disclaimer...the 'free giveaway' advertised in this newsletter subject line may not match expectations. Misleading advertising? Not at all. Once you've put today's extra special cookie recipe to the test, you'll appreciate that this truly IS a gift that keeps on giving, as you'll continue making these for generations. This was the most popular dish I ever featured in my cooking school classes - a student of mine went on to make an entire business from this single recipe which she produced to sell in bulk - and one of the first gems I featured in this Meatland column. The mailing list has grown dramatically since, meaning the majority of readers will have missed out, and we really can't have that. Think of this as our Purim gift to you. Because the most meaningful gifts don't necessarily have a monetary value...sharing is the greatest gift of all.

1 full cup shelled sunflower seeds 1 ¼ cups shelled pumpkin seeds ½ cup sesame seeds ½ cup soft, brown sugar (or less) 1/4 cup cranberries* 1/4 cup parve chocolate chips* 2 large egg whites, beaten lightly with a fork Chocolate garnish (optional see notes) * You could leave out cranberries and chocolate chips if you had to but they add so much when included. 1: Mix ingredients together till sugar and egg white has coated the seeds. 2: Spoon tablespoons of mixture onto a lined baking tray to make approximately 20 large cookies or 26 smaller cookies. (See image and notes for ways to stretch this) 3: Bake at 180 C for 15 to 20 minutes till seeds are just beginning to turn golden. 6: Remove from oven, allow to cool completely before removing from tray, and store in an airtight container

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