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Flourless Chocolate Lava Torte

Newsflash....dairy ISN'T the Devil. While meat meals are more frequently served, and it's winning parve dessert recipes that are most prized, I guarantee that it's worth designing an entire menu around this decadent dish alone. (I must point out that there is no reason it can't be made parve....I just can't bring myself to deviate from this buttery goodness.) Unlike most flourless cakes which use cupfuls of ground nuts, this is made with just 3 tablespoonsful, and is a must-make not only at Pesach, but all year through. With a crackled, sugar-dusted crust, and incredibly moist and fudgy core, this award winner also delivers one-bowl convenience. Convinced yet? I sincerely hope so as your life will be that much richer - literally - with this divine dish in it. Flourless Fud gy Chocolate Lava Torte

220 grams butter or parve alternative 250 grams parve chocolate 1 cup (250 ml) sugar 3 tablespoons (45 ml) ground almonds* 1 teaspoon vanilla OR coffee dissolved in a little water 5 eggs, lightly whisked with a fork Generous sprinkling salt preferably Maldon Powdered sugar to dust 1: Break chocolate into pieces and microwave with butter till melted. 2: Stir in sugar, ground almonds and vanilla and allow to cool slightly before stirring in eggs which will cause mixture to thicken 3: Cover and allow to stand for 30 minutes, then pour into a paper-lined (see notes) 22 cm/10 inch spring-form tin or medium sized aluminium foil tin, and sprinkle over salt. 4: Bake at 160 C for approximately 50 minutes till the surface of the cake is crackled and no longer shiny and wet. You can't do a toothpick test with this as the inside remains moist and fudgy. 5: Dust over powdered sugar and serve at room temperature or slightly warm with ice-cream.

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